ACCI provides a wide variety of products the products listed below are specifically manufactured by ACCI.


The Rota-CellTM is a unique piece of equipment. It is actually a “reference electrode accessory” that utilizes a water bridge to maintain continuous contact between your “portable reference electrode” and the soil, greatly reducing contact issues due to human error or terrain. The ability to mount this piece of equipment to an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or a truck and survey over navigable terrain with little to no prestaging makes it ideal for use by pipeline corrosion technicians to hot spot areas of concern on their pipeline. For longer surveys where terrain is navigable by an ATV or truck, productivity can be doubled or better.

The Rota-CellTM System Features:

  • Easily mounts to the hitch of an ATV or truck
  • Use with any standard “plastic” water tank
  • Use your existing data logger or voltmeter, standard reference electrode and backpack
  • Surveyor rides on ATV or in the truck while surveying
  • The reference electrode remains in continuous contact with soil through a water pathway during the survey, permitting the surveyor the option of triggering data on a timed cycle, by footage or to view constant profile
  • Ideal for the pipeline tecnician needing to hot spot a section pipeline
  • Verify levels of cathodic protection between test stations
  • Improved data quality in difficult soil contact environments
  • Identify potential anomalies and field mark for further testing or “dig and inspection”
  • Survey foreign pipeline crossings or any other area where stray current interference is suspected
  • Use of troubleshooting, varifying levels of protection on distribution piping systems down alleyways, or to identify locations of buried sacrifical anodes
  • If the pipeline is not navigable directly over the line and only “off-set” survey (to the side of the pipeline) can be performed, the Rota-Cell can be used to identify areas justifying more detailed close interval survey (i.e. drilling asphalt roads, clearing of right-of-way, etc.)

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All-In-One ER Probe / Coupon Test Station

Multi function cathodic protection test station

Accurate Corrosion Control, Inc. has redesigned the “ALL-IN-ONE” ER Probe/Coupon test station. All-In-One test station allows complete corrosion monitoring. Flexible design allows multiple configurations in a durable self contained test station.

Test Station Features

  • Lockable RFP weather proof soil access tube cap and enclosure
  • Mil-spec 6-pin connector ER probe interfaces built to last
  • Compatible with all standard ER probe instruments
  • FRP enclosure built for harsh environments
  • Custom test panel configuration
  • Both flush-mount and pole-mount models available

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Pad Mount Solanode

The secure pad mount SolAnode system is the solution for CP current in rural or remote areas. It’s secure design leaves no exposed hardware and deters theft. These systems are usually used with any new or existing ground-bed. The pad mount SolAnode features a state-of-the-art CP controller that can output steady voltage, operate in auto-potential mode (if you install a buried reference electrode), or in constant current mode. If you need CP current quickly and reliably in remote areas, a pad mount SolAnode system is the ideal solution. You can get it fast and install it exactly where you need the CP current. There’s no need to locate your ground-bed near an AC power source, or go through the process of designing, building and paying for an AC power drop, which is often slow, unpredictable, and costly process. The SolAnode is the solution for CP current in urban areas. It has a small footprint, requires no AC service drop, and is simple to install. For smaller CP power requirements, we offer a standard size pole and cabinet system which expedites delivery, installation, and reduces cost (larger outputs are available in other configurations).

Solanode Advantages

  • Professional design and sizing for reliability
  • Minimal installation footprint
  • Theft resistant design
  • Ready for installation
  • Top quality components
  • No AC power required
  • Complete solar CP system
  • 3 – 5 day battery backup options
  • Touch safe terminals


  • Theft resistant and DOT compliant pole, base and cabinet
  • CP controller with multiple modes of operation and built in logging capability
  • Remote monitoring available

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360 Accuseal

A sealed hand hole cover for potable water tanks. No mess, quick install to avoid outside intrusions and abrasions while performing inspections/services.

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Meet NotHot™

Introducing NotHot™ Magnetic Test Lead Attachment. A “No Heat” Method of Test Lead Wire Attachment; this alternative method of pipeline wire attachment consists of a pre-manufactured metal saddle constructed with a factory attached silver soldered wire and embedded neodymium magnet. 

This is a method of attaching wires to a buried metal pipeline without using typical methods that generate heat on the pipeline during wire attachment. There is a need to have an alternative to thermo-welding or brazing in specific instances when use of heat related wire attachment is unsafe or undesirable.


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